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Enjoy your stay at a Hypoallergenic Room in Dubai

As the number of allergy sufferers increases worldwide, hotels are focusing on serving to this affected population by offering the choice of hypoallergenic hotels rooms in Dubai. For those with allergies, a normal hotel room can stimulate a horde of reactions.


The rooms are put through a special room disinfection process and are said to offer allergy-friendly environment and a better nights sleep. It has been estimated that almost 64 percent of guests that travel desired a hotel with hypoallergenic environment and are ready to pay a premium for that room.

Vacations can inflict havoc with your lifestyle. You must find a nice and clean hotel to stay during your vacations. In addition, if you are able to find a hypoallergenic room in Dubai for staying, nothing better than that. You will be able to stay healthy in the disinfected hotel room that will make your travelling experience a better and healthy one.

The hypoallergenic rooms in Dubai can offer you:

  • Better health
  • Reduced risk of illnesses and allergy outbreaks
  • Better sleep
  • Improved comfort

Since there are a number of allergy sufferers that are increasing day-by-day, the hotel owners are making it a point to offer clean and disinfected environment in their hotels. You will find hotel rooms with hypoallergenic mattress and hypoallergenic pillows in the rooms for better sleep and increased comfort levels.

The hotel owners are endeavouring to fulfil the needs of a variety of guests that travel. If you have those allergies and sensitivities, this hypoallergenic environment in a hotel room can simply make your life easier. However, hypoallergenic room in Dubai might differ considerably based upon the hotel and price paid. But, it’s a great niche that you will be offered that has become a rightful amenity that can be provided to different hotel guests.

No matter if you are a die-hard road warrior, you will certainly need a comfortable place to refresh after a long tiring day. And if you are a business traveller with allergies, asthma or other sensitivities, hotel rooms can be rife with dust mites, mould, and other allergens that can trigger sneezing, headaches, insufficient sleep, itchy eyes, headaches, etc. Just rest and unwind during your vacations in an allergen-free comfort and luxury at a hypoallergenic hotel room in Dubai. The specially-designed ambience of hypoallergenic hotel rooms provides a healthy, disinfected and comfortable environment for you if you have allergy sensitivities. The hotel rooms are put through a patented seven-step process to remove irritants that could trigger an allergy or asthma attack, like fungus, mould or bacteria. All the mattresses and pillows are covered in hypoallergenic encasements to protect against dust and dust mite allergens.




Create the Perfect Hypoallergenic Room for your family.
Swiss Quality, applied using a nine step process, guarantees a perfect and natural hypoallergenic environment for a healthy sleeping.