Allergy Prevention in Dubai.

9 Effective tips for making your bedroom allergen-free

If you have asthma or you are an allergy sufferer, who is suffering from nasal allergies, dust allergy, pollen allergy, or any other kind of allergies, you must take measures to make your bedroom allergen free. To put it more precisely, you must strive to make your bedroom dust mite free.


Dust mites wreck havoc on persons who have asthma and allergies. They trigger a series of symptoms, including coughing, wheezing, sneezing, headache, irritation in the eyes, improper sleep, and many such unpleasant signs. Since the bedroom is the most important room in your house where you spend your maximum time, you must make it allergy free. A bedroom that is dust mite free would let you enjoy a peaceful nights sleep and would help you wake up fresh and relaxed.


Here are 7 effective tips to help you make your bedroom allergy free:


1. Mattresses provide the perfect environment for dust mites to thrive. You must buy hypoallergenic mattress encasements for the mattresses. The mattress encasing would protect the mattress from dust mites, moulds, mildew, and bacteria. Most hypoallergenic encasements are made with a special fabric that prevents allergens from entering inside them.


2. Your pillows and blankets should also be allergen free. Buy pillow encasings to shield your pillows from dust mite allergens. There are hypoallergenic blankets and comforters in the market. Choose them to make your bedroom dust mite free.


3. Buy a de-humidifier for your bedroom. It is found out that dust mites thrive in places that have temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit and above and relative humidity between 75 and 80. De-humidifier would keep the relative humidity inside your bedroom lower than 50 degrees Fahrenheit.


4. Allergen particles can be found in the air too that is present inside your bedroom. Buy an air purifier as it is quite effective eliminating dust and other allergens such as mould and pollen from the air.


5. Clean the air ducts in your bedroom clean. If the air ducts are left dirty, dust can get trapped in them and you would start breathing in that dust. It can aggravate your asthma and allergy. So, clean the ducts regularly either on your own or call a professional who is expert in this kind of work.


6. Carpets attract dust mites. If you have carpeted floor inside your bedroom, vacuum it at least once in a week. For thorough carpet cleaning, you must make use of specialised vacuum cleaners that have double layered filter bags. It is very effective in dust mite removal.


7. Wash your bed covers, comforters, mattress covers, sheets, and pillow covers at least once every week. Washing these in hot water and with a good quality detergent would help you get rid off all the dust mites.


8. Dust mites can cling on soft, furry toys and teddy bears, just like they do on carpets and blankets. To make your bedroom allergen free, you must try not to have the furry toys inside your bedroom. If your kids do want them, buy them hypoallergenic stuffed toys.


9. Take a neat and clean cloth and put a good quality disinfectant on it. Use this cloth for wiping your bed, side tables, night stand, windows, doors, and other furniture inside your bedroom. Over time, dust accumulates on these things, causing dust mites to germinate.






Five Natural Ways to Treat Allergy

Dubai allergy risks are high due to the dry desert climate of the region. And when afflicted with a Dubai allergy, it’s often tempting to fight it with drugs. It’s not surprising considering that the media constantly reminds you it’s the right thing to do and with your busy life, why would you want to prolong your discomfort?


However, using medicine frequently to treat minor allergies, like allergic rhinitis, may result to drug dependence and tolerance. Eventually, you’ll also become more prone to Dubai allergy problems since regular drug use weakens you body’s defenses. Not to mention, drugs can be quite expensive.

So what are the safer options in dealing with Dubai allergies? As long as your allergy is non-life threatening, these are five of the many home remedies you can try.


1. Inhale steam. Steam can loosen nasal blockages. Just pour boiling water into a hot basin and breathe in the steam as many times as you can. A few drops of either mint, or eucalyptus oil, and even vinegar into the water can make this intervention more effective.


2. Use a neti-pot. A neti-pot looks like a teapot and genie lamp hybrid. Fill the pot with saline solution and flush through your nostrils. This helps the hair-like structure in your nasal passages cilia more efficient in getting rid of allergens and mucus. But remember, use only sterilized or distilled water.


3. Drink a honey-lemon mix. Heat equal parts of lemon and honey. Drink three teaspoons three times a day.


4. Get a massage. With your index finger and thumb, massage the area between your eyebrows down to your nose bridge to dislodge mucus. A massage on your upper back concentrated on the area in between your scapula also gives instant relief.


5. Rest. Your body needs all the energy to fight your illness. Hence, avoidance of intense activities and ample rest saves much of this needed fuel. A short nap can do wonders.






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