Easy Ways to Clean & Disinfect Your Bedroom

If you live in Dubai, you will spend more time indoors than usual to escape the sweltering heat. Hence, it is ideal to always keep your home clean especially your bedroom since it is where you spend one third of your day.

However, even regular cleaning cannot eradicate bacteria, molds, viruses and other allergens Dubai bedrooms harbor. No wonder there’s a rise in allergies Dubai residents suffer. Thus, disinfection of your room along with the usual tidying up is best. You can disinfect your bedroom easily on your own. Here’s how:

1. Wash the bed sheets, blankets, curtains and pillowcases in hot water. Let dry under the sun.

2. Vacuum the pillows and mattress. Spray or steam with a disinfectant till damp then dry under direct sunlight.

3. Wipe frequently used or touched items with disinfectant like telephone, door knobs, furniture handles, light switch, railings, and keyboards.

4. Spray the air with an air purifier. You can use tea tree oil, a potent anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. A mix of two table teaspoons of tea tree oil with two glasses of water gives you an instants natural air-freshener.

5. Vacuum and spray with disinfectant floor mats, floor, and carpets. Turn on the air –conditioner or fan or open windows to hasten the drying process. If your carpet is odorous, sprinkle baking soda or grated potato on it then vacuum.

Ideally, you should disinfect a room weekly especially if someone sick stayed in it. For more thorough disinfection, you may also avail professional services for room disinfection Dubai companies offer at least once a month.



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How to Prevent Bird Flu

The recent outbreak of the H7N9 virus, a new strain of bird flu in China highlights the need to be more cautious of the air we breathe. As of this writing, the virus has killed six people but is not yet declared a pandemic. However, it pays to protect ourselves this early especially if you’re living in bustling cities like Dubai. Below are simple steps you can take to shield yourself against bird flu.

1. Wash your hands regularly. Aside from being airborne, viruses can be transmitted via contact to bodily discharges of infected people. Flu sufferers usually have a runny nose and blow their noses. More likely, live viruses end up on their hands which they can transfer on surfaces like telephones, keyboards, door knobs, railings, drawer handles, and public utilities. Wash your hands for at least 20 minutes and frequently as you can during the day especially before eating and after going to the toilet.

2. Keep your distance. If you notice someone having flu symptoms, stay away from them. If an avian flu case has been declared in your area, avoid frequenting crowded places and health care facilities. Be more cautious when shopping, commuting or attending big events like concerts and sports arenas. Avoid going to poultry farms.

3. Ensure clean indoor air. You might think staying indoors will keep you safe. But unhealthy indoor air can contribute much to viral transmission particularly in Dubai where air-conditioning systems are constantly used. Thus, always clean and disinfect your air-conditioning system to prevent germ build-up in it. You can do this yourself or you may contact a Dubai A/C duct cleaning company to do it. Similarly, maintain your car A/C unit. There numerous car air-conditioner cleaning Dubai companies whom you can contact to help. A well-kept A/C unit also prevents allergies Dubai homes are prone to.

4. Boost your resistance. Nothing beats a strong immune system to fight the bird flu or any illness. Eat a balanced diet. Hydrate as often as you can. Exercise regularly. Get enough sleep and rest.